About Jeeps and Jamz Expo

Jeeps and Jamz Expo is Owensboro’s premier Jeep event and more than just a gathering; it’s the ultimate celebration for Jeep enthusiasts. Every year, the heart of Owensboro resonates with the revving of Jeep engines and the buzz of a vibrant community coming together.

Inside the Owensboro Convention Center: A Jeep Lover’s Paradise
Explore a world of Jeep accessories, merchandise, and unique finds. Our handpicked vendors ensure that you’re spoilt for choice, making this Jeep expo in Owensboro the go-to destination for Jeep aficionados.



Hungry Hungry Jeepers: Satisfy Your Culinary CravingsFrom classic American bites to gourmet delights, our ‘Hungry Hungry Jeepers’ food truck zone is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Music & Melodies: Groove to the Beat
Dive into a musical journey with a diverse lineup set to cater to every music lover’s palate, making this Jeep event in Owensboro a rhythmic delight.

Join the Jeep Convoy: Be Part of History

Last year, our Jeep Convoy set the state record. This year, be part of the momentum as we aim to double that mark. Join hands with fellow Jeepers and make a statement on the roads of Owensboro.

A Global Gathering
The Jeeps and Jamz Expo isn’t just an Owensboro Jeep event; it’s a global phenomenon. With attendees from Canada, England, and across the U.S., this expo is truly a melting pot of Jeep enthusiasts.

A Special Shoutout to Fast Lane Auto Group
Our journey wouldn’t have been possible without the relentless support of our presenting sponsor, Fast Lane Auto Group. Their commitment to the Jeep community and this event stands unparalleled.




Hosted by Owensboro Off-Road Jeepers and Visit Owensboro

OB-OJ is a 501(3)(c) not for profit Jeep club that is dedicated to not only educating about Jeeps but the environment. Leave no trace. 

Owensboro Off-Road Jeepers Inc. is also a great supporter of other charities in the area. Most recently, the entire profit of our Post-Event shirt sales, from the 2023 Expo, were donated to a local charity, Christmas Wish