Trail Ride Registration

As the Jeeps and Jamz Expo draws to a close, join us for the ultimate off-road adventure – the Interlake Trail Ride. It’s not just any trail ride; it’s a journey led by our seasoned club leaders, designed to bring out the bold spirit of every Jeeper.

On the last day of the expo (June 9, 2024), we will gather in unity after the Jeep Church, revving up our engines to convoy from the Owensboro Convention Center to the rugged trails of Interlake SRA park in Lynnville, Indiana. Prepare for a day of dust, dirt, and camaraderie as we navigate the park’s dynamic terrain.

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  • It cost $15 at the guard shack for the day to get in per vehicle. There is an air machine on site. 
  • We will meet together in front of the Owensboro Convention Center after Jeep Church and Convoy to the park together. 
  • Pack a lunch, snacks, drinks as we will picnic at break. 
  • Bring wet wipes to clean up for lunch. 
  • Drivers are operating at their own risk. The Jeeps and Jamz Expo is not responsible for any personal injury of vehicle Damage. 
  • Tow points are mandatory and GMRS radios are strongly suggested. 

Register for the Trail Ride Day!